Costa Rica

Study Abroad in Costa Rica

Costa Rica represents just 0.03% of the global territory but contains 6% of the world’s biodiversity. Protected territories include 25% of the land and 9% of the coastal area. Total population: 5.003.393. Literacy rate: 97.89%. Life expectancy at birth: 79.9

Interesting Facts:

  • After victory in the civil war of 1948, Costa Rica abolished its military force.
  • The country generates 99% of its electricity from several renewable energy sources: hydropower, wind power, geothermal, biomass and solar energy.
  • In the Happy Planet Index survey, the New Economics Foundation named the country as the “happiest country of the world” not once, but twice in recent years.
  • According to the national health care system, Costa Rica has one of the highest indexes of human development in the world.
  • Costa Rica is the most peaceful country in Latin America according to the Global Peace index, 2020.
  • The country is the #1 destination in Latin America for Study Abroad students from the USA.
  • Costa Rica has a public health care system.
A green map of Costa Rica in a museum

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