Training Programs at MSU

Training Programs at MSU

To meet the mission of Michigan State University and the Institute for Global Health, IGH provides certificate programs for advanced educational training. These programs offer international students and professionals a new perspective on medical disciplines while helping them develop cultural competency and language proficiency. Health care students and professionals take part in learning activities on campus and at selected medical/health institutions across Michigan with guidance from American physicians, medical students and administrators.

Global Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Training

2-4 Weeks in East Lansing

Eastern traditional medicine professionals broaden their knowledge of the American model of osteopathic care, philosophy and practice through hands-on experiences.

Global Health Observership Program

4 Weeks at Sparrow & McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital and its affiliated health centers

International medical students and professionals lean American medicine and health care delivery in a hospital environment.

Global Healthcare Professional Shadowing Program

4-12 Weeks at McLaren Greater Lansing and Ingham County Health Department

International health care professional students explore health care management and delivery.

Global Hospital Management Training Program

2 Weeks, Various Michigan Hospitals

International physicians and health care administrators learn about American hospitals with leadership and supply chain perspectives.

Academic Immersion and Global Citizenship Training Program

18 days, MSU campus and additional locations in Michigan

International students in the healthcare field will receive English language classes, Learn American society, culture, and tradition through field trips and professional speakers from various areas, such as technology, government, social service, and others; will have excursions to the Capitol of State of Michigan and Detroit City; interact with American students through group discussion activities.

Global Health Faculty Development Training Program (GHFDT)

The Global Health Faculty Development Training Program (GHFDT) is designed to provide  participants with opportunities to actively engage in customized learning experience in the MSU community and hospitals in Michigan under the guidance of expert faculty members and healthcare professionals in order to gain understanding and knowledge of the best practices in medical education and clinical practice enabling them to apply this in the future in their role in the delivery of medical education and best practices in healthcare. 

Medical English Training Program

In coordination with the English Language Center at MSU, the Institute for Global Health contributes in the tailoring of training programs that help medical students and healthcare professionals to enhance their Medical English. The program usually takes place in the Summer Semester (June to August). The program is designed to increase their understanding of the medical profession in the U.S. and improve their communication skills in English.

Interested in developing a program with your institution? Send us an email to: igh@msu.edu.

Highlighted Programs

Learning Assessment Center (LAC)

The Michigan State University Learning and Assessment Center serves as a premier resource for advancing competence of healthcare professionals through education, scholarship, and outreach.

The vision of the Learning and Assessment Center (LAC) is to help prepare healthcare professional students, practicing providers, institutions, and industry to meet the health and safety needs of contemporary society. This will be accomplished through evidence-based innovative strategies facilitating:
  • A safe simulated environment for teaching and practicing decision-making, professional behaviors and psychomotor skills prior to application in clinical settings
  • Competency-based assessment of learners
  • Promotion of interprofessional teaching, learning and collaborations
  • Simulation-based programs promoting land-grant, statewide and global initiatives
  • Support of research to improve healthcare education, processes and outcomes
  • Educational programs to assist in professional competencies, maintenance of certification(s) and professional development of faculty and practicing clinicians
  • Development of new innovations, skills and technologies
LAC serves the healthcare colleges at Michigan State University and it’s housed in the College of Osteopathic Medicine building over East Fee Hall on the sixth floor. Find more information at lac.msu.edu.