Costa Rica La Carpio – San Jose

Study Abroad Costa Rica La Carpio - San Jose

OST 695: Clinical Observation, Culture and Medicine

Dates: July 27- August 03, 2024

This course allows students to actively engage in patient-based learning experiences under the guidance of a clinician preceptor in collaboration, as appropriate, with interns, residents and/or fellows. The course goals include enriching students’ understanding of Costa Rican biodiversity and culture, the concept of One Health (Una Salud) and the global mobility of displaced Costa Rican citizens. Additionally, students should develop an understanding of endemic diseases and the healthcare delivery system (public and private) in Costa Rica. Course participants include students interested in the Spanish language, Latin American Culture, Biodiversity, One Health and health care delivery. Activities: Clinical work in 1 site. Specialties include: Emergency medicine, Community medicine, Family medicine, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Geriatrics and Public Health. Students will be rotating between triage, pharmacy and ward on one (1) clinical settings under the supervision of an attending physician or residents. Health care staff while be there for the interaction with patients in different specialties. Students will be group at least in pairs to one physician or coordinator to enhance their experience. Students will have reflection time before the end of the day and 2-3 lectures during the week to address topics related to: health care systems, displaced populations and impact on health, and One Health (Una Salud), among other topics.

It is at the discretion of the Course Director to determine which students may participate. An interview may be required.

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  • Graduate students or Medical Students or MS in Global Health students at Michigan State University.
  • A minimum 2.5 GPA is required.
  • Must have a good understanding of Biology, Microbiology, and Physiology.
  • Must have respect for different cultures.
  • Must demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively.
  • Second year medical curriculum (COM) student at Michigan State University.
  • In good standing at the University
  • Must coordinate and receive approval from FCM staff (Please contact: Rebecca Reagan)
  • Must have respect for different cultures.
  • Must demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively.
  • Spanish speaking preferred but not required

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Applications are processed through Michigan State’s Office of Study Abroad.

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Arpon Shahed, D.O., focuses on global health, community medicine, osteopathic outreach and medical education. During his medical training, he helped develop global health curriculums, research projects, project grants and served as faculty preceptor and lecturer for medical students/residents under MSU Institute for Global Health. Dr. Shahed gained residency experience by completing certificates in integrative medicine, faculty development and medical education, which allows him to currently be the program leader to this clinical offering in the Bateyes of the Dominican Republic and an instructor for the Costa Rica new program.

Sung Soo Chung has worked for the Institute for Global Health since 2012. Chung has also worked for VIPP for more than 15 years and is responsible for new international higher education program development and implementation with Korea and other countries in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and North Africa.

Meets preceptorship requirements for OMS II, dates: July 27- August 03, 2024