Global Health Studies


  • A MS in Global Health with 9 core courses (27 credits) and 1 elective (3 credits) – currently 30 credits
  • A Graduate Certificate in Global Health available of core courses (9 credits)
  • Developed in collaboration with the MSU HUB for Innovation in Learning and Technology
  • Competency-based curriculum (Consortium of Universities of Global Health) cugh.org.

Core Courses

  • Introduction to Global Health Practice
  • Emerging Topics in Global Health
  • Global Health Community Assessment
  • One Health: Transdisciplinary Collaboration in Global Health
  • Ethical Issues in Global Health
  • Global Health Management
  • Global Burden of Disease
  • Evidence-Based Practice in Global Health
  • Global Health Elective and Capstone

Comprehensive Information

To view all information available for this program, please visit globalhealth.msu.edu.