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South Korea

CME – Cuba

The trip to Merida was one of the best experiences that I have ever had. I learned so much about Mexican culture as well as the Mexican healthcare system. Who knew that after spending only seven days with someone you could make such amazing friends? I will highly recommend this trip to everyone that I talk to

-Austin Davis
Merida, 2018

Whether it was simply explaining procedures as they were being performed, or a surgeon grabbing me a step stool so I could see the mind-blowing surgery happening before my eyes, I unquestionably feel as though my experience may not have been the same had I been shadowing healthcare providers within the U.S.

-Samantha Dygert
Merida, 2018

One of the most fulfilling experiences of an international trip is the comparison between that of western culture, and that of another country. In the case of South Korea, we were able to experience their culture, not only through food, history, and entertainment, but through their healthcare system as well. While there are many similarities between Korean hospitals and American hospitals, the differences were what made this trip unique.

-Kelsey Niichel
Korea, 2018

I think that a rotation like Cuba is something that should be required for every medical student. It opens your eyes up to the world around you and sheds on you an immense amount of knowledge that you could not get anywhere else. I feel that every experience that we have makes us a better physician and a better person and I hope and believe that this rotation did that for me. I had a great time on this trip, would love to do it again, and will always remember it.

-Johnathan Anthony
Cuba, 2016

Between all of the exams, studying, and stress of medical school, it is easy to lose the real meaning behind why you want to be a physician in the first place. This spring break experience definitely recharged me as a medical student, allowing myself to get away from the chaos at home and reconnect with my passion for medicine.

-Zoe Russell
Mexico, 2018

This study abroad experience is one that I will carry with me throughout my personal and professional lives. Being able to participate in such a hands-on, in-depth program as an undergraduate was so unique, and it confirmed that I want to be a healthcare professional in the future

– Ali Stark
Dominican Republic, 2018

Studying abroad this past week in Seoul, South Korea has provided me with a unique cultural and educational experience that has helped further develop my understanding of the medical field, through shadowing of surgical procedures of a foreign health care system.

– Ahmad Tahawi
Korea, 2016

The thing that I like about Nepal is that they are a very accepting community and are full of kindness. In terms of religion and most things, they notice who you are and what you believe but don’t criticize you for it… I honestly feel I could spend a few more weeks here if it was an option. I am sad to see the trip come to an end, but I will never forget this incredible experience.

– Tim Doman
Nepal, 2017

I’m a firm believer that every single person you talk to has something to teach you if you take the time to listen, and I’m so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to keep on learning.

– Ellie Small
Guetemale, 2020