Academic Immersion Program and Global Citizenship for Students from the Yucatan Peninsula


The Summer Immersion Program helped students improve their vocabulary and communication skills in various business environments in STEM. The class will help students get familiar with technique terms and development in STEM fields. Students became familiar with common American business concepts, such as Leadership, Diversity, Team Building, Interpersonal Communication, Decision Making, Marketing, Innovation, and Globalization. Activities included lectures, reading and discussion, listening to business conversations, case studies, and making group conclusions about common problems in the rapidly changing world. Students visited MSU labs like Dr. Xagoraraki’s lab in the College of Engineering and learned about methods of analysis of wastewater. They also participated in human resources and business conversation under diversity and inclusion guidelines with the visit to Peckham Companies in Lansing, and the Learning and Assessment Center Simulation Hospital on the 6th floor of the College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Program Highlights

      1. 18 days living in MSU campus, from July 10 to July 18, 2022
      2. English classes with a focus on STEM provided by Michigan State University professors.
      3. Academic field trips to learn American society, culture, and tradition through experiences and professional speakers from various areas, such as technology, government and social services among others.
      4. Cultural Excursions to different areas around Michigan
      5. Permanent interaction with American students through group discussion activities and daily life activities while staying in MSU Campus dorms.