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This issue covers:

  • Key Regional Visits 2023
  • Economic Connectivity
  • Sustainable Water, Natural Resources Management, and Environmental Conservation and Protection
  • Non-Traditional Security
  • Human Resource Development 

MOHIP project on page 10.

UPCOMING WEBINAR #7 July 18, 2023; 9 AM Eastern Time (New York Time); July 18, 8 PM Indochina Time

Webinar #7 topics include:

  • Household Water Insecurity – Intersections between Humans and Livestock (Amber L. Pearson, Ph.D., MPHAsso. Prof., Dept of Public HealthMichigan State University, USA) and
  • Simple and Feasible Method for Swine Wastewater Treatment Using Intermittent Aeration (Tran Le Luu, Ph.D. Asso. Prof., Dept. of Water Technology, Reuse and Management, Vietnamese German University, Vietnam)

Use this link to register:

MOHIP successfully hosts a short course on ‘Health Security, One Health, and Zoonoses’

Mekong One Health Innovation Program (MOHIP) at Michigan State University (MSU) hosted from April 17 – 28, 2023, a short course on ‘Health Security, One Health, and Zoonoses’ in collaboration with One Health University Networks of Lao PDR, Thailand, Viet Nam and Southeast Asian One Health University Network (SAEOHUN). The course offered virtually for One Health professionals from the Lower Mekong region had the objectives to train Mekong researchers/professionals to be successful independent investigators and national and international leaders to address public health challenges and improve health security employing the One Health Approach. 


MOHIP Workshop: How to Write Winning Proposals?

On May 29, 2023, EDT, the Mekong One Health Innovation Program (MOHIP) hosted a grant proposal writing workshop through a zoom webinar. Over fifty researchers/professionals mostly from the Mekong region attended the webinar. The workshop aimed at introducing how to write winning grant proposals. Ms. MaryAnne Walker, Senior International Research Specialist at Michigan State University, was the key speaker for the webinar. She has 27 years of experience leading and facilitating global research highlighting broader impacts on the communities served. Dr. Furqan Irfan, one of the MOHIP’s co-investigators, shared his experiences of developing proposals for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), particularly various templates to be followed for NIH proposals. Dr. Ramjee Ghimire shared some tips in writing grant proposals. In summary, the speakers highlighted the critical components of a winning proposal, particularly to major U.S. funding agencies, such as NSF, NIH, and USAID.

Following the grant proposal writing presentation, a Q & A session on the call for the MOHIP research grant proposal was held. MOHIP team from MSU answered the questions the researchers from the Lower Mekong Region had.

People being greeted at a pavilion outside

Michigan State University Mekong One Health Innovation Team Visits Lower Mekong Region

The MOHIP aims to help build the capacity of Mekong countries to make informed decisions about health security programs and policies. In doing so, the MOHIP implements three core activities: i) conduct monthly webinars on One Health and zoonoses and related topics, ii) provide training on “Health Security, One Health and Zoonoses”, and iii) fund projects to be led by local researchers that will examine country One Health and/or related issues.