Global is Local, how to unite research in north and south America.

The Institute for Global Health (IGH) with College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM) at Michigan State University (MSU) hosted the second Research and Education Consortium of the Americas (ERCA) from September 12th to September 13th, 2019.

During the two-day conference researchers and colleagues from MSU, Marista University, University Iberoamericana, University Autónoma de Yucatan, Cesar Vallejo University, Yucatan Government and Granger Industries introduced their research objectives and one health concerns; shared human resources and financial sources for sponsorship and set the coverage pattern of the Consortium.

Among the results that were shared from participants, a water project will be on going partnering Conagua, Yucatan Government and Rio Arronte in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, setting up areas between cenotes to investigate pesticide contamination and its impact on the community, utilizing microbial tracking techniques that will identify the footprint of each pesticide.

As a sign of commitment with the Consortium, Yucatan Minister Bernardo Cisneros, announced that the Secretary of Research, Innovation and Higher Education from Yucatan, Mexico, will be sponsoring 3 Ph. D students per year during the next 5 years, to advance projects with MSU colleagues related to Nanotechnology, Waste Management or Water Quality.

Previously called Latin-American Research and Education Consortium (LATAM-C) changed its name, on September 2019, to “Research and Education Consortium of the Americas” incorporating Canadian studies organizations that shared the same research interests.

The mission of the Institute for Global Health is to support global health education, research and capacity building, with MSU colleagues and global partners, that will advance Michigan State University as a leader in solving global challenges. This Consortium was the second step into the collaborative effort to attain sustainable “One Health”.

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