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That we are free to live how we choose, that is the major glaring difference between us and Cuba. Not to say one is better or worse, just different. It was surprising to me that I had to spend two weeks in Cuba to even realize how sacredly I hold my own values of freedom and choice.

-Allyson Greenwell

There is more value placed on continuity of care in Cuba as compared to the United States. The primary doctors spend much of their time getting to know all of their patients not only on a professional but a personal level. The primary care doctors are the first line of defense and it is their job to know pretty much everything about all of the patients they serve.

-Joshua Blanchard

I think that a rotation like Cuba is something that should be required for every medical student. It opens your eyes up to the world around you and sheds on you an immense amount of knowledge that you could not get anywhere else. I feel that every experience that we have makes us a better physician and a better person and I hope and believe that this rotation did that for me. I had a great time on this trip, would love to do it again, and will always remember it.

-Johnathan Anthony