Pan-Am One Health Workshop and Conference

Pan-American One Health Conference

Taller Panamericano de la Salud de ‘One Health’

Dates: To Be Determined; 

From September 6th – 10th 2017 Delegations from Peru, Mexico, and Michigan State met to discuss the future of the Pan-American Conference. During these discussions potential research topics and other objective such as capacity building and outreach were highlighted. There were researchers and doctors that presented on their work and the way we can all unite to make progress on the pressing issues in the Pan American region. Some topics included water quality and health, tropical diseases, mental illness, and obesity

Day 1 Presenters included

  • Dr. William Cunningham, Institute for Global Health
  • Laurie Medina, Center of Latin American Studies
  • Abby Roubley, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Mary Anne Walker, College of Engineering
  • DeAndra Beck , International Studies and Programs
  • Theresa Wehrwein, College of Nursing
  • Tom Voice, College of Engineering

Day 2 Presenters included:

  • Dr. Jorge Mendoza, Mexico
  • Dr. Juan Pablo Flores Tapia, Mexico
  • Dr. Jorge Balaños, Mexico
  • Dr. Javier Becerril, Mexico
  • Dr. Kenny Briceno, Peru
  • Dr. Evangelyn Alocilja, College of Engineering
  • Dr. Joe Carlson, College of Osteopathic Medicine

          This scientific conference of the Americas will be an annual late winter/spring conference that will rotate to different venues (Havana, Lima, Santiago et al). The purpose of the conference with MSU as co-host each year is to brand MSU as a world-grant research university that sponsors and reaches out to our American colleagues to generate transdisciplinary societal solutions and international educational experiences for MSU and international students to address vexing global One Health issues. Through this annual meeting, MSU faculty will be able to identify leading researchers and institutions in these countries that could build sustainable research and academic partnerships. The conference plays to MSU’s research strengths with the goal of acquitting sustained extramural research funding and annual conference publications. The development of a One Health educational tract within the conference, as well as incorporation into a university curriculum course structure in the future could be realized.


What makes this different from other conferences?

The Pan American One Health Conference was different in a number of ways.  This conference aims to created a collaboration resource for One Health research and knowledge. After the conference a web-based platform will be launched to facilitate this goal.

The Pan-American One Health Conference also emphasized the interdisciplinary and global nature of work in the One Health field. At this conference participants were allotted generous time to meet and connect with people from all disciplines and multiple countries regarding One Health. 

What are the conference objectives?

To facilitate the formation of new relationships that will work collaboratively using the One Health approach on significant societal issues. 

What is the conference format?

The Pan American One Health Conference is a mixture of keynote speakers, breakout sessions and expert presentations. There will be Spanish and English language translators present for all agenda items. 


Conference Outcomes

 Develop doctoral students and collaborative programs
 Develop publications
 Develop collaborative research proposals and grants
 Encourage reciprocal faculty and student exchanges

     In addition to the above conference, the One Health Committee with supporting colleges and academic units will continue to identify and leverage the many strengths and opportunities that the diverse disciplines and faculties bring to addressing One Health issues at the local, state, national and international levels. We will continue to bring out individual College’s expertise and willingness to collaborate together in a transdisciplinary way to develop research opportunities and educational experiences for our faculties and students. This conference will be a great example of aligning our efforts across the University and internationally to harness the summative power of working together to achieve sustainable solutions and to fuel the creation of better outcomes and growing value for our students, faculties, state, nation and the world. To generate an awareness and education of this discipline on the campus the One Health Committee will focus for the following year on:
November 3, 2016, 5-7 pm IIH/ISP/COM et al open house for One Health/One World Day
Fall Semester 2017 Development of a S3 “look alike” that stimulates One Health proposals
Summer Semester 2017 A One Health Track at MSU with the American Semester Program
Fall Semester 2017 Incorporate One Health pedagogy into select fall semester courses
November 4th, 2017 One Health/One World Day
November 8th-11th, 2017 Pan-American One Health Conference, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

PDFs of these files can be found here