LAC | Consultations

The MSU Learning and Assessment Center has a team of certified experts in education and simulation who may engage in a variety of consultative services for simulation centers and Programs, academic programs, and healthcare institutions and organizations.  All consultations are intended to be customer-service focused and customized to identified needs and requests.  Examples of consultation options include, but are not limited to:

  • Simulation Program assessment and development-needs analysis, policies/procedures, operations, management, staffing models, funding & budgeting
  • Physical construction of simulation environment(s)
  • Simulation Program Accreditation-needs analysis, preparation & application process
  • Professional development planning for administrators, faculty & staff
  • Research planning and implementation in healthcare simulation
  • Integrating interprofessional education and/or team training
  • Interface with healthcare industry
  • Developing a business model for a simulation program

Consultation Inquiry Form

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