The Republic of Haiti includes the western portion of the Island of Hispaniola located in the Caribbean between Jamaica and Puerto Rico.  Haiti is a French-Creole speaking nation of 10.8 million people.  It has a torrid history which culminated in their independence on January 1, 1804.  Since that time Haiti has been the product of travesty – domestic, foreign, and environmental.  The country was most recently affected by the 2010 Earthquake that displaced and killed hundreds of thousands of people.  Haiti has unique beauty.  Its people are determined and filled with spirit.  They have a rich national heritage and a breathtaking island – with rising mountains falling into Caribbean waters.

Haiti – MSUCOM Partnership Elective

The Haiti – MSUCOM Partnership Elective is a developing collaboration with the community of Limonade and Milo in northern Haiti.  This elective offers students the ability to develop clinical skills by seeing patients in a small rural clinic and shadowing physicians in Milo Hospital. Haiti has a unique and challenging culture that will provide students with a global perspective.

For more information, please contact Rusti Sidel of IGH.

  • First or Second year medical curriculum (COM) student at Michigan State University.
  • In good standing at the University
  • Must have respect for different cultures.
  • Must demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively.
  • Ability to be present in extreme poverty.
  • French speaking preferred but not required

Please fill out both forms.

Please submit a IGH’s Haiti application form to our main office 315 West Fee Hall

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