William C. Cunningham


Sung Soo Chung
Associate Director


Michael Miller
Financial Officer


Rusti Sidel
Study Abroad Coordinator

Student Staff

Vraj Tripathi

Vraj Tripathi is currently a senior in Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State University pursuing his bachelors degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. Tripathi joined The Institute for Global Health in April of 2016 and has been engaged in facilitating several international training programs along with study abroad programs for pre health professional, medical, and nursing students at Michigan State University. Tripathi has completed the Community Medicine program in Merida, Mexico along with The Medical Immersion Program at Korea University Medical Center in Seoul, South Korea. Tripathi also successfully completed a certification course in International Medicine and Public Health through the Institute of International Medicine. His long term goal is to become a physician and serve others in underdeveloped countries in an effort to make a different in global health outcomes.

Xiaoyue (Xavie)  He
Graduate Assistant

Xiaoyue (Xavie) He is a graduate student at Michigan State University studying Public and Corporation Accounting. Her love for both numbers and communication makes her enjoy financial and accounting work. She likes Michigan a lot because of the heavy snow and maple leaves.