Study Abroad in Peru

Dr. Willyerd has organized MSU trips to Peru since 2009.  He is passionate about offering students the opportunity to see health care in different parts of the world.  CLICK HERE to read the recent article on the Peru experience for students of MSUCOM.

Dr. Sergent serves as Clinical Faculty and Profesor Honorario at Universidad César Vallejo in Trujillo, Peru. He also serves as Clinical Faculty at MSUCOM, working closely with Institute of Global Health and International Osteopathic Medicine Organization. He is the research guide during Peru elective.

The Peru trip offers Osteopathic Medicine students the opportunity to be involved in research.  Research projects focus on population health and One Health related approaches such as water purity and sanitation.

The Peru Elective offers COM students the ability to witness medicine from a different perspective.  They are able to immerse themselves in a different culture and open their minds on the path to becoming more understanding and compassionate physicians.


Iquitos is the capital city of Peru‘s Maynas Province and Loreto Region, known as the “capital of the Peruvian Amazon”, located in the Amazon Basin.  Iquitos is the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by road – it is accessible only by river and air.  Iquitos has four districts: Iquitos, Punchana, Belén, and San Juan Bautista and a population of 471,993 inhabitants.  MSUCOM’s Clinic is located in Belén, also known as theVenice” of Peru, where homes are built with balsa wood and tied together so they do not float away or onstilts. The water levels routinely rise 30 feet in the spring.  There is a lot of poverty in Belén and most homes do not have plumbing so, sanitation is poor with people drinking, bathing, swimming and using the same water as their restroom.

  • Second or Fourth year medical curriculum (COM) student at Michigan State University.
  • In good standing at the University
  • Medical Spanish FCM590 elective (preferred)
  • Must have respect for different cultures.
  • Must demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively.
  • Spanish speaking preferred but not required
  • Fill out IGH application
  • Submit copy of first page of Passport to IGH
  • Submit copy of Immunization Record to IGH

The Office of Study Abroad offers scholarships to students who participate in MSU’s study abroad programs. Details here

Dates: August 08th- August 22nd, 2020

Global Health: Peru Medical Service description

OST687, Peru Medical Service Elective (Belen, Iquitos, Peru) is a 2 credit hour elective with an overall purpose as follows: to enhance students’ understanding host country’s healthcare system and understanding and developing cultural competency; in addition students will provide healthcare services under the supervision of licensed US physicians, develop an understanding of the regional disease etiology and control of endemic diseases, in particular, infectious/tropical diseases and those associated with the lack of potable water and sanitation.

Instructional Objectives

This Elective is designed to help the student grow personally and professionally by immersing them in another culture, experience the healthcare system and delivery of medical services in a Developing Country to deepen their understanding of self and the global community. Students will gain knowledge of diseases common in South America; enhance their clinical skills and the use of medical Spanish; develop problem solving skills; broaden knowledge of public health issues and to experience the practice of medicine beyond the core curriculum.